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September & October 2015: Upcoming Coverage by Photojournalist Lisa Pacino of Under The Duvet Productions, NY

Dear Readers, as mentioned last month, celebrity photojournalist Lisa Pacino is on a special assignments filming and touring in Africa intermittently. The majority of her travels will continue in 2016. Next year we will be publishing an article with the details of her project in Africa.


Celebrity Photojournalist Lisa Pacino of Under The Duvet Productions, NY ©.

In between Lisa’s Africa schedule she has been shooting at OWN- Oprah Winfrey Network and will be covering music, theatre, and book events in NY and the States. Please look out for our September and October coverage. Our photo-articles will feature upcoming Broadway, Book Signings, Literature, Disco, R&B, Hip-Hop, Harlem School of the Arts 50th Anniversary A-list gala, and other events. If you love music, theatre, and literature please stay tuned.


Celebrity Photojournalist Lisa Pacino of Under The Duvet Productions, NY ©.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to share any of our photographs for personal use they are not to be altered in any way. It must be “as is”, with photo name credit, not cropped, no filters, or adjusted. They are not to be used in collages or any other formats. If needed for commercial and/or promotional use please email us to license. Thank you. Email: UnderTheDuvetProductions@gmail.com

DUVET TWITTER Lisa Pacino @VLPacino

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Please visit our other pages including Broadway Theatre Highlights 2015-2016 by Photojournalist Lisa Pacino

Lisa Pacino and Under The Duvet Productions are based in New York. Photography services are available worldwide. To book and receive information please E-mail: UnderTheDuvetProductions@gmail.com

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