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Africa Nouveau Festival, Nairobi, Kenya by Photojournalist Lisa Pacino

Africa Nouveau Festival: Live Music, DJ sets, Visual Art, Fashion, Poetry, Culture, Food, and more presented by Blankets & Wine at Ng’ong Racecourse, Nairobi, Kenya, September 5th and 6th, 2015. This two-day weekend festival features upcoming and established artists/musicians and the beautiful culture of Kenya, Africa. New York photojournalist Lisa Pacino, along with European, African, and Kenyan photographers are covering the festival.  KENYA Sept 2015

Blankets & Wine started in 2008, the intention was to create a platform for upcoming and established musicians to showcase their work in an enabling and professionally run environment. They wanted audiences to discover the not-so-known artists and celebrate more prolific artists through a shared experience of live music performance and celebration. Six years later, almost all the bands that have been featured on the platform have ‘taken-off,’ and the idea itself has taken root. The event has become a successful franchise, with one off-shoot already running in Kampala and two others in Kigali and Arusha set to kick off in August, and November 2015 respectively. They have opened the space for live music from the region and in the process, and have been deeply rewarded with the joy that has come from simultaneously solving a problem for artists and effectively serving the music industry and its consumers.

Blankets & Wine believes in creative, curious, passionately imaginative Africans who think globally and act locally. They are #interNationalAfriCANs with a desire to purposefully shape the world around them using their creativity and love of the arts. This finds it fullest expression in Africa Nouveau, a two-day festival designed to showcase the most innovative, trend-setting artists on the continent. On the 5th & 6th of September 2015 starting at noon on each day, they will expand your imagination by introducing you to the most progressive musicians, visual and digital artists, DJ-Producers, fashion designers, foodies, and fashionistas from all over Africa and its diaspora in a new (super gorgeous!) physical space at the Ng’ong Racecourse in Nairobi. Africa Nouveau has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of Blankets & Wine, CEFA-Kenya, and Action 2015. Their partnership aims to utilize art and artistry to publicly send a message of urgency to leaders: “ACT NOW” to hasten the social, economic, political and ecological transformation of Kenya and the continent by ratifying the global Sustainable Development Goals on September 24th, 2015.

KENYA #3 poster

Africa Nouveau Festival presented by Blankets & Wine, Ng’ong Racecourse, Nairobi, Kenya, September 5th and 6th, 2015.

KENYA 2015 #2 crop

Africa Nouveau Festival presented by Blankets & Wine, Ng’ong Racecourse, Nairobi, Kenya, September 5th and 6th, 2015.


Celebrity Photojournalist Lisa Pacino of Under The Duvet Productions, NY ©.

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