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An important message from Under The Duvet Productions: Professional photographers are artists and skilled tradespeople.

Every professional photographer has been asked “can we use your photos?”, usually what that really means is, “can we use your photos for free?”. This frequently asked question is disturbing, and inconsiderate. At Under The Duvet Productions, celebrity photojournalist Lisa Pacino is no stranger to this question. As a celebrity photojournalist she covers the most influential personalities worldwide; celebrities, socialites, sports figures, and politicians. This question is asked by individuals in the general public, new artists, publicists, managers, magazines, advertising agencies, record labels, websites, and other companies hoping to use professional photographs for free. The person or company making the request will usually mention “photo name credit” will be given as compensation for letting them use the photograph (s), and if “lucky” they will throw in a free copy of the magazine/book/CD, etc.


Celebrity Photojournalist Lisa Pacino. Under The Duvet Productions Covering Black News & Entertainment, New York.

 Here is a written example of these requests:“Hi, I’m the manager for such and such group. I just found your photos of last night’s concert and I was wondering if I can get permission to use some of the photos on our website and to promote their upcoming release. Of course, you will receive PHOTO NAME CREDIT…”

To only give “Photo Name Credit” is not satisfactory or justified, name credit is always a given for professional photographer’s photographs. Their licensing fees, commercial and/or promotional, should be fully compensated. This is a professional photographer’s livelihood, this is how they pay their bills, and feed their families. You would not ask a singer to perform for free, or a DJ to play for free, or a make-up artist and hairdresser to work for free, and certainly would not walk into a restaurant expecting a chef not to charge you for your meal. Professional photographers have a very costly profession. Their investment in their cameras, lenses, and accessories alone are a fortune, in many cases the cost of some home mortgages, not to mention their expense for a sophisticated computer with proper editing programs. This is not even including the hours of skill and labor they put into photographing and editing the photographs.

1. Photo name credit is financially worthless, nor a favor. It is mandatory, and MUST be given at all times, regardless. NOTE: A music artist would not put out a recording without crediting the writer of the song or the producer. A film or television show would not forget to include the name credits on screen. A celebrity actress would not walk the Red Carpet at the Golden Globe Awards and not credit the designer of her gown. We can go on and on to point out countless examples.

2. There should be no need to discuss or explain why professional photographers should be paid for the rights to publish and use their photograph (s). To any serious client, this is self evident. Trying to discuss this with someone who will not pay only opens the door to annoying conversations, which is a waste of precious time.

3. The majority of the people requesting to use photos for free are not willing to pay ANY AMOUNT for a photographer’s photos, no matter how much the photographer lowers the price, or how much the photographer explains why they should be paid.

4. The only conversation a photographer should be having is as follows: “I’ll be pleased to license the photo (s) to you for your publication for commercial and/or promotional use. My fee for a one-time use, non-exclusive license is $xxx.xx per image. Please let me know which image(s) you require so I can quote you a total price and send through a licensing agreement to be signed.”

5. At Under The Duvet Productions we find when some realize they must pay for the photograph (s) they either do not have the courtesy to reply back at all, or still try to convince us to give the photo away regardless, to which we reply with a brief “no thank you”.

6. Finally, if our photographs/images are used without licensing, authorization and/or improperly the involved individuals, establishments, companies, corporations, and any and all associated will be subjected to penalties. We will seek formal legal action and enforce our rights to protect the photographs/images owned by Celebrity Photojournalist Lisa Pacino. All Rights Reserved and they will be fully enforced. Thank you.

BOOKING: Please remember if you are booking a venue, artists, DJs, publicist, etc. don’t forget to book a professional photographer too. If you are spending substantial money on the evening, don’t compromise your event and your reputation by holding iPhoners and your wannabee “photographer” friends responsible for media, history, and memories. The photographs are what infinitely remain after the performances and the last dance.

Here at Under The Duvet Productions we are pleased to serve the community, and offer reasonable commercial and/or promotional fees. We look forward to working with many of you in the near future. We hope this article was able to shed some light and deliver insight. Thank you.


Celebrity Photojournalist Lisa Pacino. Under The Duvet Productions Covering Black News & Entertainment, New York.

If you wish to book photography services, receive information, and/or licence photographs (for commercial and/or promotional use) please email us. Thank you. Email: UnderTheDuvetProductions@gmail.com

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