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GREAT NEWS: Apple Announces Software to Disable Cell Photos & Videos in Theatres & Concert Halls by Photojournalist Lisa Pacino

GREAT & HOPEFUL NEWS: We are all aware that cell phone cameras are creating increasing havoc at live performances, Apple has announced that it has patented software that would disable cellular photos and videos in Theatres and Concert Halls. This would not only prevent the constant disruption of shows, but it would also protect the Theatre and Music industry, as well as professional photographers and videographers.

img_0541-duvet-mag DUVET MAG.

The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Photograph by Lisa Pacino.

The technology, which consists of an infrared beam invisible to the eye, blurs the screen and displays a “recording disabled” message. Broadway Theatre artists from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Patti LuPone have decried the use of cell phones and their recording devices at shows in recent months. Many in the Music industry have also denounced its use; the most recent of countless artists to make a public announcement was Adele. No schedule for implementation was made public. The technology reportedly would not affect other phone functions, such as incoming and outgoing calls. The technology also would not necessarily affect non-Apple phones. Questions also remain about whether the technology would be legal. Laws now bar technology that would disable the phones entirely. —Sources Playbill & CBS

Photography by Celebrity Photojournalist Lisa Pacino of Under The Duvet Productions, NY. All Rights Reserved.

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