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Met Opera Intermission: Kathleen Battle 2016 by Photojournalist Lisa Pacino

On November 13, 2016 Grammy Award winning soprano superstar Kathleen Battle returned to the Metropolitan Opera after 22 years to sing a recital of spirituals, Kathleen Battle: Underground Railroad — A Spiritual Journey. 


Kathleen Battle’s return to the Met was a one-time-only historical recital/concert accompanied by Joel A. Martin on the piano. It featured special guests Wynton Marsalis on trumpet, Cicely Tyson as narrator, Jussie Smollett as narrator, Cyrus Chestnut on piano, Riza Printup on harp, Stephanie Fisher as conductor, Rachel Blackburn as conductor, and a choir of thirty.

 The sold out Met audience included Lawrence Brownlee, Eric Owens, Jill Scott, B. Michael, Alexander Smalls, Reginald Van Lee, Alicia Hall Moran, Jason Moran, Hilda Harris, Marti Newland, Whitney Slaten, Heather Hill, David Jonathan, Laquita Mitchell, ‘Femi Sarah Heggie, Nicole Heaston Lane, Kenneth Overton, Robert Anthony Mack, Kevin Thompson, Robert Sims, Tiffany Jackson, and many more.

David and Marti had the brilliant idea for everyone to meet at intermission for photos. It was posted on Social Media right before the performance began. We met at the Parterre level, appropriately in front of Leontyne Price’s Cleopatra costume from the very first opening night at Lincoln’s Center’s Met, September 16, 1966. Please feel free to share this link and/or copy photographs for your personal Social Media use.

Photography by Celebrity Photojournalist Lisa Pacino of Under The Duvet Productions, NY. All Rights Reserved.

01-img_2680-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 02-img_2591-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 03-img_2714-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 04-img_2744-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 05-img_2748-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 06-img_2766-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 07-img_2618-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 08-img_2780-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 09-img_2777-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 10-img_2806-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 11-img_2803-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 13-img_2788-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 14-img_2875-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 15-img_2880-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 16-img_2890-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 17-img_2893-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 18-img_2622-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 23-img_2813-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 24-img_2830-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 25-img_2848-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 26-img_2868-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino 27-img_2951-duvet-photo-by-lisa-pacino

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