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Photojournalist Lisa Pacino 2017: Photography Services, Licensing Photographs, Sharing, Information, Contact.

Photography services to book, licensing photographs, and information for photographer and journalist Lisa Pacino, 2017


Celebrity Photojournalist Lisa Pacino. Photograph by Adrian Buckmaster.

To Book:

Please E-mail us for personal pricing. We always recommend to book early to guarantee availability. Photographer and journalist Lisa Pacino and her company Under The Duvet Productions covers: All Music genres and venues; Opera; Theatre- New York’s Broadway, Off-Broadway, Regional, London’s West End, and International; Broadway Red Carpets & After Parties; Backstage shoots; Film Premier Red Carpets and Q&A; CD/Book: Release & Signings; Literature Events & Lectures; Gallery Exhibits; Awards; Fundraisers & Non-Profit; Galas; Black Tie Events; Personal/Private/Business Events; News Events; Headshots; Private Photo Sessions; and more. You don’t need to be a celebrity to book us.

 Commercial and Promotional Licensing:

Commercial use would include CD covers, books, advertising, publications, SoundCloud, commercial websites, etc. Promotional use would include posters/flyers to promote an event, personal websites, etc.

Celebrity Photographer Lisa Pacino owns all of her photographs. They are copyrighted by law. The exclusive right of photographers to copy and use their products is protected by copyright. Countless industries purchase photographs for use in publications, sites, and on products. The photographs seen in magazines, advertising, CD covers, posters, websites, or on products and packages, have been licensed to use either directly from the photographer or through an agency that represents the photographer. A photographer uses a contract to “license” their photographs with exact controls regarding how often the photograph will be used, in what territory it will be used (for example U.S. or international), and exactly for which products. This is also referred to as usage fee and is used to distinguish from production fees (payment for the actual creation of a photograph or photographs). There are different contracts that may be offered for non-exclusive use of the photograph (meaning the photographer can sell the same photograph for more than one use during the same year) or for exclusive use of the photograph (i.e. only that company may use the photograph during the term). Please remember all photographs taken by a professional photographer belong to the photographer. If used for promotional and/or commercial use they must be licensed.


If you wish to share any of our photographs for Social Media and/or Personal Use they are not to be altered in any way. They must be used “as is”, not cropped, no filters, or adjusted. They are not to be used in collages or any other formats. Photo name credit MUST BE GIVEN AT ALL TIMES to Lisa Pacino, no exceptions. Any photographs used without crediting Lisa Pacino you will be notified to remove them immediately. All Rights Reserved. If needed for Commercial and/or Promotional Use please E-mail us to license.


Under The Duvet Productions Covering Black News & Entertainment is more than media coverage; it is full documentation of events and photography services. We serve and cover the Black Community and its Non-Black allies who partner with the Black Community through The Arts as well as social and political awareness. Our work specializes in the Black Community, but please note it is not limited to. We photograph in all communities; both celebrities and non-celebrities. We share positive news in The Arts; absolutely no gossip or exploitation of artists. We share factual news, events, and updates. Although we are located in New York City, we are available Nationwide and Worldwide. Lisa Pacino is a Democratic Socialist, Progressive, Social & Civil Rights Activist, and Humanitarian.


 If you wish to book photography services, license photographs, and/or receive information please E-mail us. We always recommend to book early to guarantee availability. Lisa Pacino and Under The Duvet Productions are based in New York. Photography services are available Nationwide and Worldwide. Our E-mail Address: UnderTheDuvetProductions@gmail.com


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